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Fallen Angel Vol 4 Heroine Addiction TP (MR)

Fallen Angel recently learned the secrets of her origin, but little good it will do her as she encounters an all-new series of challenges and mysteries… both in and outside of Bete Noire. This forth collection features the landmark crossover between Fallen Angel and Billy Tucci's Shi in a three-part tale transporting the Fallen Angel to the far-off City of the Dead, a spotlight on Jude, and more… all written by New York Times bestselling author Peter David. Collects issues 17-21 of the IDW series. Publisher: IDW
Writer: Peter David
Artist: J.K. Woodward, Joe Corroney, Dennis Calero, Billy Tucci
Cover Artist: Billy Tucci and Mark Sparacio
Page Count: 128
Product Code: DEC073737
ISBN: 9781600101564
Colors: Color