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Elemental Gelade GN Vol 08 (Of 13)

Rating: OT (Older Teen Age 16+) Content Indicator: Moderate Violence, Non-Sexual Full Body Nudity. Product Synopsis: Rowen is taken to the doctor in the nearby mountain town for some medical attention. MISBNwhile, the Edel Raid doctor determines that Reverie has been pushing herself too hard and needs to rest. Knowing that Reverie is the Shichiko-hoju that disappeared 500 years ago, he sends Coud to a secret location, where he is to find another Edel Raid, who has been waiting these past 500 hundred years to see Reverie again. But the old Edel Raid is too far gone, and the only way to save her is a much needed and maybe fatal blood transfer... from one of the group. Sell Sheet Keynote: An action-packed otaku favorite! Key Selling Points: • Banner and viral promotions on for volume 1 • The inspiration for the popular anime available from Geneon, as well as books, video games, action figures, music soundtracks, apparel, and more! Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Mayumi Azuma
Artist: Mayumi Azuma
Cover Artist: Mayumi Azuma
Page Count: 192
Product Code: APR084125
ISBN: 9781598166057
Colors: Black & White