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Eden Vol 8 Its An Endless World TP (MR)

Amidst the gore and turmoil in Hiroki Endo's stark, post-pandemic future, two war-scarred characters begin to-fall in love? In this volume new doors swing open for young Elijah, as his sniper skills increase and he continues his combat training. Overcome by the turn of events that brought him out of the wilderness and into a decadent, heartless South American city, Elijah seeks comfort in the arms of another survivor. Coping with a hard crush, a new school, and vicious gang rivalries, Elijah tries to adapt to city life, but will the surprise return of a major character uproot him once again? • 'Endo mutes manga distinctives for realism's sake . . . keeps the violence short and sharp, inserts a few low-key satiric jibes at late-twentieth-century sociopolitics, and paces the narrative to facilitate milieu and character development. He conjures a postapocalyptic aura of near-palpable mystery.' -Ray Olson, Booklist • Each volume comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Hiroki Endo
Artist: Hiroki Endo
Cover Artist: Hiroki Endo
Page Count: 224
Product Code: APR070049
ISBN: 9781593077877
Colors: Black & White