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Dragon Hunter GN Vol 18 (Of 26)

A year has passed since Myung-Ho ventured into the past to learn more about Mong-Yeun and Sa-Mi. He poses as Goong-Chun to earn Chong-Kwan-Jang's trust and discovers the villain has the curse of the Dragon God. With Myung-Ho's help, Chong-Kwan-Jang prepares to hunt a dragon that keeps attacking the fishermen of Woosan kingdom. The day of the dragon hunt, Myung-Ho encounters the Dragon God and he discovers he is the key that can release the memory of Mong-Yeun and Sa-Mi as well as summon the Four Guardian Dragons. Sell Sheet Keynote: A world of intrigue - dragon hunters, slayers, and shamans. Key Selling Points: • A fantasy drama appealing to readers of the best-selling Warcraft, Dragon Knights and Sorcerer Hunters Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Hong Seock Seo
Artist: Hong Seock Seo
Cover Artist: Hong Seock Seo
Page Count: 196
Product Code: MAR083979
ISBN: 9781595326546
Colors: Black & White