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Dazzle GN Vol 09 (Of 10) (MR)

Rahzel's father kicked her out to test her magic abilities in the real world, but now he's bringing her-and the friends she's picked up along the way-back home to protect her from his brother Kiara's mysterious plans. Alzeid has been searching for the woman who killed his father-the man he's a clone of-but now his dangerously simpleminded clone brother, who Kiara has brought up to be a psychopathic killer, has arrived for a showdown. As her friend Alzeid battles for his life, Rahzel wonders what sinister effects Kiara's machinations have had on her body... Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Minari Endoh
Artist: Minari Endoh
Cover Artist: Minari Endoh
Page Count: 208
Product Code: JUN084241
ISBN: 9781427801692
Colors: Black & White