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Crimson Hero TP Vol 13 (C: 1-0-1)

All that matters to 15-year-old Nobara Sumiyoshi is volleyball- shes an awesome player with big-time ambitions. But sometimes it seems like a girl just can't get a break in the competitive world of high school volleyball. Fending off a secret admirer with less-than-admirable intentions only intensifies Nobara's feelings for the boys' team captain Yushin. As the two ace players grow closer every day, the boys' and girls' volleyball teams of Crimson Field High also grow closer to their goal of competing in the Spring Tournament. But when scandalous gossip about the volleyball club rocks the campus, Nobara's forced to reexamine her priorities. Publisher: Viz Media
Writer: Mitsuba Takanashi
Artist: Mitsuba Takanashi
Cover Artist: Mitsuba Takanashi
Page Count: 176
Product Code: MAR101200
ISBN: 9781421527970
Colors: Black & White