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Complete Little Orphan Annie Vol 2 HC

In Volume Two, 'The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn,' America's spunkiest kid stands for fair play as she gives the scoundrels and rats their just desserts! Little Orphan Annie-the original female comics hero-takes on chiseling business men and a gang of thieves, armed only with her sharp wit and a good left hook. Then she helps her surrogate parents by nursing 'Daddy' Warbucks to health and helping save the Silos' family farm. And only that little chatter-box could become a cross between Robinson Crusoe and Dr. Doolittle when she and Sandy are shipwrecked on a deserted island. Enjoy all the unique adventure and earnest charm of Volume Two in The Library of American Comics presentation of Little Orphan Annie, containing nearly 1,000 comic strips from October 1927 to November 1930. Publisher: IDW
Writer: Harold Gray
Artist: Harold Gray
Cover Artist: Harold Gray
Page Count: 384
Product Code: AUG084173
ISBN: 9781600101977
Colors: black & white