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Chronicles Of Conan Vol 12 Beast King Of Abombi TP

Conan and Bêlit, Queen of the Black Coast, reunite with their pirate crew aboard the Tigress only to be drawn into the vermin-infested swamps of Stygia. In the dark depths of this haunted land, they battle for their lives amidst stately pleasure gardens transformed into treacherous dens of deceit. There, a twisted beast-king reigns supreme, his hordes of abominations descending mercilessly upon the Cimmerian and his lover. Together, the two shall face monstrous man-crabs and a sultry sea-witch, but when an ancient secret is unleashed it means only one thing for a member of their heroic party-death! • Featuring ten more issues from the famed Roy Thomas/John Buscema run on Conan the Barbarian, stories showcasing Conan's adventures with Bêlit the She-Pirate, one of Robert E. Howard's most powerful and beloved female characters. • Since acquiring the Conan license in 2004, Dark Horse has sold over 75,000 copies of their new Conan stories and over 100,000 of the reprints! Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema, Ernie Chan, Sal Buscema
Cover Artist: John Buscema
Page Count: 168
Product Code: MAR070031D
ISBN: 9781593077785
Colors: Color