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Chickenhare House Of Klaus TP

He's a chicken! He's a hare! He's Chickenhare! And he's your new favorite comic book character, whether you know it or not! Night is falling on the frozen landscape as Chickenhare and his turtle friend Abe find themselves on their way to be sold to Klaus-an insane taxidermist with a penchant for unique animals and enough emotional baggage to go on a very long vacation. With the help of two mysterious new companions, our fuzzy, feathered, and amphibious heroes endeavor to escape their dire fate. But they soon discover that might not be so easy when they get caught up in an adventure that could bring Klaus's villiany to an end for good . . . or they all might die. Whatever happens, Chickenhare is sure to charm, scare, and delight readers young and old alike! • Chickenhare is a hilarious all-ages romp-fun and exciting for kids, but edgy enough to make adults laugh hysterically. • Recommended for fans of Bone, Usagi Yojimbo, and Sock Monkey! Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Chris Grine
Artist: Chris Grine
Cover Artist: Chris Grine
Page Count: 152
Product Code: JUN060040
ISBN: 159307574X
Colors: Black & White