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Chibi Vampire GN Vol 07 (Of 10) (MR)

With Kenta discovering the true reason behind Karin's increase in blood when around him, their relationship shatters as they struggle to deal with the thought of losing the one they love. Meanwhile, what secrets in the past explain Kenta's hatred of his father? Will the two of them finally make up and bring happiness to the whole family? Sell Sheet Keynote: The continuing adventures of the little vampire who couldn't Key Selling Points: • Online marketing campaign with microsite, banners, and viral promotions at • Inspired a successful anime, now available from Geneon; crosspromotions in development • The manga and the novels are graphic novel bestsellers in each release Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Yuna Kagesaki
Artist: Yuna Kagesaki
Cover Artist: Yuna Kagesaki
Page Count: 192
Product Code: NOV073820
ISBN: 9781598168815
Colors: Black & White