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Cherry Juice GN Vol 02 (Of 4)

Minami and Otome are both dating other people, but events continue to drive the two of them closer together! Otome continues to turn to Minami for comfort when she has problems, which greatly upsets Amane. When he confronts her about this, what will Otome do? And what happens when Minami's biological father reappears? Sell Sheet Keynote: Step-siblings discover that, in spite of themselves, they have fallen in love with each other! Key Selling Points: • Haruka Fukushima is the creator of Instant Teen (Vol. 1: 978-1-59532-146-6) and Kedamono Damono (Vol. 1: 978-1-59816-823-5) • Part of TOKYOPOP's 'Shojo Your Mojo' campaign, featuring a shojo manga sampler, online previews, and 'Shojo Your Mojo' microsite • Online promotion with creator's other series (Instant Teen, Kedamono Damono) for Volume 1 Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Haruka Fukushima
Artist: Haruka Fukushima
Cover Artist: Haruka Fukushima
Page Count: 192
Product Code: OCT073820
ISBN: 9781427802873
Colors: Black & White