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Boys Be Vol 14 GN (Of 20) (MR)

The boys are back and there is gonna be trouble. What is a teenager to do when sexy photos aren't so sexy? What happens when you have a crush on a porn star instead of the hot girl that has a crush on you? Who said high school hazing was all bad? Boys will be boys! Sell Sheet Keynote: The manga that shows ordinary guys how to score the girls of their dreams! Key Selling Points: • Inspired a hit anime series and PS2 Game in Japan • Appeals to fans of A.I. Love You and Ai Yori Aoshi Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Masahiro Itabashi
Artist: Hiroyuki Tamakoshi
Cover Artist: Hiroyuki Tamakoshi
Page Count: 196
Product Code: MAY073761
ISBN: 9781595321121
Colors: Black & White