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Blade Of The Immortal TP Vol 20 Demons Lair (MR)

A massive, 280-page volume brings readers back into the 'Badger Hole' with Rin and Doa, as they make some shocking discoveries and finally find their missing companions! When Rin bumps into Toraemon, the unfortunate assistant to crazy Doc Burando and witness to his disgusting 'immortality experiments,' it seems that breaking Manji free will be a breeze. Not so. Getting Manji out of Edo's nightmarish underground cells and dank tunnel systems will be just as arduous as the ordeal of locating him was! More secrets about fan-favorite Döa's past are revealed, and we get a bittersweet glimpse at her early years traveling with her beloved Isaku. Several old teams are reunited, a mind-blowing battle quickly starts and races us through most of this astonishing volume, and an old villain finally sees some pointed retribution at the hands of one of his prisoners! Let the breakout battle in the 'Demon Lair' begin! Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Hiroaki Samura
Artist: Hiroaki Samura
Cover Artist: Hiroaki Samura
Page Count: 280
Product Code: AUG080078
ISBN: 9781595821997
Colors: Black & White