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Beck Mongolian Chop Squad GN Vol 12 (Of 19) (MR)

The band accidentally gets themselves booked on their first American tour, but Ryusuke has disappeared! Jet-lagged, exhausted, and unable to get in a groove without Ryusuke, Beck's first American tour may also be their last. Where is he? And How long can they last on the road without him? A cryptic e-mail may tell them everything they need to know. Sell Sheet Keynote: GTO's outrageous sensibilities combined with Gravitation's rock'n'roll attitude Key Selling Points: • Cross-promoted with an insert in the anime DVD from FUNimation • 'Even though BECK is full of the story elements found in most teenage coming-of-age stories, it's the attitude that will keep you glued to the pages' -Newtype USA • 'This is rock manga done right. Highly Recommended! ' • 'If it was worth ranking manga by whether you'd want to hang out with it-Beck would be in position numero uno.' -Ain't It Cool News • Anime available from FUNimation • Appeals to aspiring musicians everywhere-follows the rock and roll adventure of a rising star. Think Almost Famous meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Harold Sakuishi
Artist: Harold Sakuishi
Cover Artist: Harold Sakuishi
Page Count: 192
Product Code: MAR083977
ISBN: 9781595327819
Colors: Black & White