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Battle Vixens Vol 12 GN (Of 12) (MR)

Sonsaku Hakufu returns with a vengeance and takes her rightful place as head of Nanyo Academy. In order to draw out her inner and natural powers, Hakufu and Rikuson head up a mountain to meet the wise Chouko. He explains to Hakufu that her destiny is to defeat Sousou and attempts to teach her the legendary Water Dragon strike. Will it be enough to defeat Sousou in his new form? Sell Sheet Keynote: Hakufu takes on the formidable Sousou Key Selling Points: • Action combined with racy sexuality-an underground fan favorite! • Inspired the successful anime • '[E]xquisite hand-to-hand combat scenarios.' -Newtype USA Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Yuji Shiozaki
Artist: Yuji Shiozaki
Cover Artist: Yuji Shiozaki
Page Count: 192
Product Code: MAY073758
ISBN: 9781427804518
Colors: Black & White