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Alter Ego #125 (C: 0-1-1)

Alter Ego #125 telegraphs everything you ever wanted to know about Lee Harris - the artist/creator of the Golden Age Detective Comics super-hero Air Wave - as revealed by son Jonathan Levey to interviewer Richard J. Arndt! There's plenty of rarely-seen 1940s art treasures - including Lando, The Flame, Green Falcon, and mysterious, unpublished art of an alternate version of DC's Tarantula! Plus more of Amy Kiste Nyberg's 'Seal of Approval' expose on the Comics Code, and artist Sal Amendola tells the story of ACBA (Academy of Comic Book Arts), the 1970s comics-pro organization, with plenty of photos and art! Plus: Fawcett Collectors of America, Michael T. Gilbert lurking in 'Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt', Bill Schelly, and more! Edited by Roy Thomas. Publisher: TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Cover Artist: G Kane; T Austin, M Nodell
Page Count: 0
Product Code: FEB141649
Colors: Color