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3X3 Eyes Vol 6 Key To The Sacred Land TP (M)(Star17479)

by Yuzo Takada, produced by Studio Proteus Pai, the beautiful 300-year-old amnesiac mystic, and her companion-cum-immortal slave, Tokyo student Yakumo Fujii, search China for ancient relics to provide clues to the location of Pai's hidden Tibetan homeland, where Pai's memories can be restored. But the two are not the only ones in search of these objects. Both the dashing relic-hunter Jake McDonald and the nefarious Choukai, are trying to get their mitts on a certain mystic incense burner. And when Choukai traps Pai within a sorcerous binding circle, Yakumo is torn by the fateful decision of whether or not to pay the artifact as ransom to free Pai and by doing so, dooming Pai's memories and his own chance of returning to his mortal existence. FOR MATURE READERS On sale January 2 SC, 136pg, b&w Publisher: Dark Horse
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Page Count: 0
Product Code: MAR050162
ISBN: 9781569718810