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MMW Uncanny X-Men TP Vol 03 Dm Var Ed 24

The creative team that took the X-Men to their greatest heights-Claremont and Byrne-returns, so why worry, why wait, why not just dive straight into a full-out battle with Magneto! The Master of Magnetism has a score to settle with the students of the Xavier School, and each member of the merry mutants must struggle to hold onto their humanity as their nemesis strips them to their very core. A narrow escape leads them out of the fire, into the frying pan (a.k.a. the Savage Land) where they face Sauron and the immortal Garokk, the Petrified Man. As they refined their uncanny team, Claremont and Byrne began to peel back the layers of mystery behind their increasingly popular hot-headed Canuck, Wolverine. You'll see his healing factor put on display for the first time, meet Mariko, a woman who seems to know the details of his shrouded past, and learn that he has a name, an enigmatic name-'Logan.' Meanwhile, thinking her teammates killed in their battle with Magneto, Jean Grey heads for Muir Island in the beginning of the storyline that will culminate in the Dark Phoenix Saga! That's no Publisher: Marvel
Cover Artist: JOHN BYRNE
Page Count: 208
Product Code: OCT100678
ISBN: 9780785146865
Colors: Full Color