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MMW Invincible Iron Man HC Vol 12 Dm Var Ed 275

It's time for an upgrade! Iron Man increases his armor's power as his title gains a powerful new writer: Bill Mantlo! Never before collected, Mantlo's run delved into Tony Stark's supporting cast, added a dose of industrial intrigue and brought back iconic adversaries. It begins with accusations of Stark Industries bribing U.S. senators, gets dangerous with the return of Ultimo and reaches a fever pitch when an all-new Guardsman comes calling! Then, in the lead-up to the blockbuster issue #100, Sunfire pits heat against iron in the prelude to the return of Tony's greatest foe: the Mandarin! Next, the mysterious Madame Masque and the Jack of Hearts enter the fray - and the volume wraps up with an out-of-this-world battle for Wundagore Mountain! Collecting IRON MAN (1968) #95-112. Rated T Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Mantlo, Bill
Artist: Tuska, George
Cover Artist: Starlin, Jim
Page Count: 344
Product Code: NOV181013
ISBN: 9781302917173
Colors: Color