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Disney Masters HC Vol 08 Scarpa Barks Donald Duck Avenger

(W/A) Carl Barks, Romano Scarpa (CA) Romano Scarpa, Carl Barks Donald's super secret identity is back-times two! Every diehard Disney Duck fan knows that Donald is secretly that infamous super-anti-hero, Duck Avenger! But when Uncle Scrooge, to promote his wax museum, sends a robot double of Duck Avenger flying past Donald's house, Donald's secret is threatened! Can our hero use his high-tech Avenger gadgets to allay suspicion -- or will hyper-lucky Gladstone Gander make things even worse? (Oh, yes, you know he will!) And, in 'Ellsworth's Ornery Orphan,' Mickey tells the distant desert tale of his mynah bird pal, Ellsworth -- and a showdown with dread pirate Mozambeak! Then, a money-scented perfume sends Brigitta MacBridge and Scrooge to the isle of Bananaland in 'The Other Golden Helmet'-Scarpa's one-and-only collaboration with Duck artist supreme Carl Barks! For the first time in English! Publisher: Fantagraphics
Writer: Barks, Carl
Artist: Barks, Carl
Cover Artist: Scarpa, Romano
Page Count: 180
Product Code: MAR191764
ISBN: 9781683961970
Colors: Color
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IST price: $20.99
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