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Recess Pieces HC (MR)

Bad things are brewing in the halls of The Ben Turpin School for K-8. When a science project goes wrong, only the prepubescent children are spared the fate of zombification- which is not to say that they're immune from being eaten alive! George Romero covered night, dawn, and day, but how about recess? With Recess Pieces, Bob Fingerman (Beg the Question, You Deserved It) dishes up a grisly combination of Hal Roach's Our Gang and zombies, zombies and more zombies. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Bob Fingerman
Artist: Bob Fingerman
Cover Artist: Bob Fingerman
Page Count: 96
Product Code: MAY060016
ISBN: 1593074506
Colors: Color
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IST price: $8.67
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