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Nge Shinji Ikari Raising Project TP Vol 02

Even as Gendo plots to submit his entire staff to aerobics training, the sinister SEELE has sent Kaworu Nagisa to sabotage Gendo and Yui's more private objectives . . . which means he's soon enrolling in Shinji's class! Such a pretty boy starts turning heads inside homeroom 2-A . . . even Shinji's-which causes Rei and Asuka to agree to join forces, on the grounds that Kaworu's presence could cause trouble for NERV. The irony is that, even if that's just their excuse-they're right! o Since it first hit Japanese TV screens in 1995, the multimedia Neon Genesis Evangelion phenomenon has never faded. The phenomenon has only spread further in the last decade with the North American release of the Evangelion series on DVD and its subsequent airing on Adult Swim. o Each volume of Neon Genesis Evangelion features bonus color pages, your Evangelion fan art and letters, and special reader giveaways! Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Osamu Takahash
Artist: Osamu Takahash
Cover Artist: Osamu Takahash
Page Count: 192
Product Code: MAY090082
ISBN: 9781595823779
Colors: Black & White