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Blood Plus Novel Vol 03 Boy Meets Girl

The monsters are winning. Saya Otonashi thought she could battle against the Chiropterans, defeat the undead monsters, and avenge the life of her adoptive father. But the creatures, led by Saya's twin sister Diva, have struck a fatal blow: their attack on Saya's adopted brother Riku has left him infected with the vampiric curse and destined to transform into a Chevalier, a half-human abomination with an unquenchable bloodlust. In search of answers, Saya finds herself drawn to the papers of nineteenth century explorer Joel Goldschmidt, and his long-forgotten journal. Saya learns more about her past, the origins of the Red Shield organization, and the destiny she and Diva share. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Ryo Ikehata
Artist: Chizu Hashii
Cover Artist: Chizu Hashii
Page Count: 288
Product Code: JUL080062
ISBN: 9781593079321
Colors: prose
Was: $8.95
IST price: $4.47
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