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Aliens No Exit Novel (C: 0-1-2)

After thirty years of cryogenic sleep, Detective Anders Kramm wakes to a changed world. The alien threat has been subdued. Company interests dominate universal trade. Terraforming is big money now, with powerful men willing to do anything to assure dominance over other worlds. But Kramm has a secret. He knows why The Company killed twelve of its top scientists. He knows why the aliens have been let loose on the surface of a contested planet. He knows that the information he has is valuable, and that The Company will do everything it can to stop him from telling his secret to the world. Haunted by memories of the brutal murder of his family, Kramm is set adrift amid billion dollar stakes . . . with aliens around every corner, waiting for him to make a mistake. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: B.K. Benson
Cover Artist: Stephen Youll
Page Count: 288
Product Code: MAR080071
ISBN: 9781595820044
Colors: prose
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IST price: $3.84
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