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Aliens Cauldron Novel

Space: the most hostile environment in the universe. In the cargo hold of the spaceship Virginia, a hive of hibernating aliens begins to awake. Meanwhile, on the Umiak, an elite troupe of cadets is forced into servitude by an unscrupulous captain taking the ship to a smuggler's rendezvous with the eerily silent Virginia. When the cadets unsuspectingly transport the aliens onboard, they start a battle for their lives, fighting the smugglers, the captain, and the monsters who among them. The war is about to begin . . . • The worldwide Aliens audience has made the films top box office earners since 1979 and the books bestsellers in bookstores since 1992. • Will appeal to fans of military science fiction novels such as David Drake's Grimmer than Hell and Hammer's Slammers series. • Diane Carey's fan following from her earlier Aliens novel from DH Press, as well as numerous Star Trek novels and New York Times bestsellers will enjoy this novel. • DH Press title Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Diane Carey
Cover Artist: Stephen Youll
Page Count: 275
Product Code: JAN070057
ISBN: 9781595821133
Colors: Prose
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