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Young Magician Vol 3 (MR)

This dark, gothic tale continues as mystical forces battle for dominance on Earth - and one teenaged boy could decide the fate of the planet! When Ibuki and Carno finally meet, they're still missing pieces of the puzzle - like secrets they don't know they share, and the epic battle that awaits them. Ibuki knows he has powers, but has yet to realize how dangerous they are. Unfortunately for him, the Holy Knights are easily threatened and direct Carno to kill that which they cannot control. But, what are Ibuki's special powers, and are the Holy Knights justified to fear him? Publisher: DC
Writer: Yuri Narushima
Artist: Yuri Narushima
Cover Artist: Yuri Narushima
Page Count: 224
Product Code: DEC050309
ISBN: 1401207391
Colors: Black & White
Was: $9.99
IST price: $5.79
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