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Abc Warriors Vol 1 The Meknificent Seven TP (C:3)

2000 A.D. Get ready for a science fiction tale of advanced robots and interplanetary war, featuring art by some of comics' greatest talents, including Kevin O'Neill (THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN), Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN) and Carlos Ezquerra (JUDGE DREDD)! The Volgan war has raged for years, spreading off Earth and on to Mars. Now an Earth general has assembled a team of advanced robots - capable of withstanding atomic, bacterial or chemical attack - to finally conquer the 'devil planet!' They are Hammerstein, a war-droid whose chest 'puffs' with pride when he hears the national anthem; Joe Pineapples, a secretive, ice-cool sniper; Blackblood, so evil he drinks the oil of fallen robots; Mongrol, a mindless killing machine; Happy Shrapnel, a sharp-shooting old-timer; Steelhorn, the self-styled 'greatest robot ever created'; and Deadlock, the mysterious Khaos-worshipper and wielder of the mystical Ace of Swords. Publisher: DC
Writer: Pat Mills
Artist: Kevin O'Neill, Brendan McCarthy, Mike McMahon, Brett Ewins, Dave Gibbons, Carlos Ezquerra
Cover Artist: Kev Walker
Page Count:
Product Code: NOV040306
ISBN: 9781401205744
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