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Wild Adv The Spider Sc Novel Vol 01 Doom Legion (C: 0-1-0)

(W) Will Murray (CA) Joe Devito Zombies walk on Halloween night! These are not ordinary trick-or-treaters, nor are they the undead of Haitian Voodoo magic. For these are radiation-spawned wretches whose only desire is to burn and destroy before being consumed by their inner fires. Not even The Spider, Master of Men, can thwart their mindless advance. Drawn to Central Park where the zombies are birthed are two heroic protectors of humanity, Operator 5 and G-8. Will they join in common cause with The Spider... or spurn him? Summoned, also, are two of the most dangerous supercriminals the world has ever known, seeking the strange secret of the Doom Legion! Publisher: Altus Press
Writer: Murray, Will
Artist: Na
Cover Artist: Devito, Joe
Page Count:
Product Code: OCT181356
ISBN: 9781618273550
Colors: Black & White
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