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Cottons Secret Of Wind GN Vol 01 (Of 3)

(W) Jim Pascoe (A/CA) Heidi Arnhold In the first volume in the epic Cottons trilogy, rabbits and foxes inhabit a world where magic, technology, and art are used as weapons of war. To her neighbors in the Vale of Industry, Bridgebelle is an ordinary rabbit. All day long, she toils at the carrot factory. After a hard day, she returns home to care for her ailing auntie. And whenever she's out, she's watchful of the murderous foxes who prey on her kind. But Bridgebelle is not ordinary. She's a rabbit with talents beyond her own understanding, able to change everyday objects into magical, transforming works of art. Bridgebelle makes thokchas because they're beautiful. But there are those in her world who want to harness her powers and turn her art into a weapon. Publisher: :01 First Second
Writer: Pascoe, Jim
Artist: Arnhold, Heidi
Cover Artist: Arnhold, Heidi
Page Count: 272
Product Code: MAY181741
ISBN: 9781250157447
Colors: Color