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(W) Mark Kidwell (A) Jay Fotos & Various (CA) Nate Van Dyke, Jay Fotos The greatest city in the world lies blanketed in ice and snow. There are no lights on Broadway, no taxis clogging the streets, and the Empire State stands like a frozen tombstone blanketing a dead metropolis in its shadow. These are the Popsicle...
Writer: Kidwell, Mark
Artist: Fotos, Jay
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W) Kazuma Kamachi (A/CA) Chuuya Kogino Science and magic clash in the manga adaptation of the smash hit light novel series! Kazakiri has only begun to see what her terrible secret is. Meanwhile, Sherry Cromwell's plan to tear apart the worlds of Magic and Science by is coming to a head - unless Kamijou Touma can do...
Publisher: YEN PRESS
Writer: Kamachi, Kazuma
Artist: Kogino, Chuuya
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W/A/CA) Joe Ollmann Journalist and travel writer William Buehler Seabrook was willing to go deeper than any outsider had before, participating in voodoo ceremonies, riding camels cross the Sahara desert, communing with cannibals and most notably, popularizing the term 'zombie' in the West. A string of his...
Writer: Ollmann, Joe
Artist: Ollmann, Joe
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W) Takahiro (A/CA) Tetsuya Tashiro Red is the new black in this bloody, action-packed series about a group of righteous assassins! Mine is starting to realize her feelings for Tatsumi while Najenda has hardened her resolve for the decisive battle. With all kinds of emotions running through their hearts, the members...
Publisher: YEN PRESS
Writer: Takahiro,
Artist: Tashiro, Tetsuya
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W/A/CA) Kaori Yuki The Mad Tea Party begins in this deliciously violent, fast- and-loose romp through the pages of Alice in Wonderland from the one and only master of gothic horror, Kaori Yuki! The scar on the palm of Zeno, Stella's most beloved brother, has switched from one hand to the other. Her mind already...
Publisher: YEN PRESS
Writer: Yuki, Kaori
Artist: Yuki, Kaori
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W) Brian Wood (A) Tristan Jones (CA) Massimo Carnevale In the aftermath of the intense battle against the Colonial Marines, Zula Hendricks and Davis have gone from being merely AWOL to full-blown traitors. As they drift into a quiet part of space to recover and regroup, new crew member Dr. Hollis discovers something...
Writer: "Wood, Brian"
Artist: "Jones, Tristan"
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W/A/CA) Anna Haifisch Anna Haifisch's idiosyncratic graphic novel chronicles the experiences of a young artist, satirising the exclusive and frequently absurd world of fine art. Plagued by doubts and anxiety, the artist is confronted with constant setbacks punctuated by occasional, surprising glimpses of...
Writer: Haifisch, Anna
Artist: Haifisch, Anna
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W) Gene Luen Yang & Various (CA) Gurihiru After attempting to kidnap Katara and Sokka, Southerner Gilak leaves a haunting note for Hakoda: 'Soon you will see the truth, Chieftain.' The vow leaves everyone on edge-including Katara, who remains wary of the two tribes' integration. As Northerner Malina announces a...
Writer: "Yang, Gene Luen"
Artist: "Rebekah Isaacs, Dan Jackson"
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W) Gerry Conway, Bruce Jones (A) Neal Adams, Steve Ditko Originally introduced in Batman's early 1970s run, Man-Bat is Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a dedicated scientist who developed a bat-derived serum to restore his fading hearing, which instead transforms him into a savage beast that is half bat, half human! This new...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Conway, Gerry
Artist: Adams, Neal
Release Date: 1/25/2017
(W) Bob Haney & Various (A) Jim Aparo & Various (CA) Karl Kerschl Through the 1970s, Batman fought evil every month side by side with DC's greatest heroes. Guest-starring Wonder Woman, the Phantom Stranger, Adam Strange, Black Canary, the Teen Titans, The Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman and more, these stories are...
Publisher: DC COMICS
Writer: Haney, Bob
Artist: Aparo, Jim
Release Date: 1/25/2017
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