Battling Beauties Art of Frank Thorne HC (MR)

(A/CA) Frank Thorne Hermes Press celebrates the career of Frank Thorne, renowned good girl artist extraordinaire with a comprehensive art monograph where he explores his art and the process of creating it step by step. See pencils, preliminaries, final artwork, as well as the final printed comics created by Thorne. This extensive art monograph presents artwork from such titles as Red Sonja, Ghita, Lann, The Iron Devil, and more. This book explores not only the comic book artwork of Thorne but also illustrates the motion pictures concepts and storyboards for the never-made Ghita film. Additionally this book also provides a lengthy discussion by Thorne accompanied by hundreds of examples of how to draw 'beautiful women.'

Hermes Press
Frank Thorne
Frank Thorne

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