Erb Authorized Library Tarzan HC Vol 03 Beasts of Tarzan

(W) Edgar Rice Burroughs (A/CA) Joe Jusko After settling at their London estate as Lord and Lady Greystoke, Tarzan and Jane find their contentment shattered by the ape-man's former enemies, the Russain spies Nikolas Rokoff and Alexis Paulvitch. Bent on revenge, the two villains kidnap Jane and the couple's infant son Jack, fleeing to the African interior. Tarzan's savage nature reemerges as he recruits Sheeta the panther, Akut and his tribe of great apes, and the mighty warrior Mugambi to pursue the criminals up the Ugambi River into the heart of the jungle, where cannibal tribes hold sway and his desperate adversaries pursue their cruel vendetta.

Joe Jusko
Black & White
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