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Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus HC


Due to a missing page and a page duplication in Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus HC, DC Comics is offering replacements of this book. If you would prefer to keep your copy but still have a complete book, you can download the missing page at the link below.

Missing page 943

If you would prefer to exchange your (possibly rare!) copy, here are the steps to take. This is the only opportunity to return your book. No exchanges or refunds will be allowed at a later date.

  1. Remove the front hardcover of the Omnibus and return it to InStockTrades at the address below. You do not need to return the dust jacket. Returns received that are not at least the front hardcover will not be eligible for a replacement. Returning this portion of the book is a requirement of DC Comics.
  2. Returns must be received by April 1, 2018. Returns received after April 1, 2018 will not be eligible for a replacement. Update: Since this deadline is passed we recommend using a faster shipping method than First Class Mail. Returns MUST be received by April 9th.
  3. Include a sheet of paper with your returned front hardcover that indicates your name and order number. This can be a copy of your order confirmation, a copy of your order printed from the InStockTrades or Tales of Wonder website, or just a piece of paper with your name and order number written on it.
  4. Mail your returned front hardcover to:

    6005 E Shelby Dr Ste 2
    Memphis, TN 38141

International customers should follow these same rules. Replacement copies for international customers will be included in your next available order and will not generally be shipped separately.

In order to manage our costs and to keep this exchange as simple as possible, customers may not place a new order for the replacement book and request a refund on the returned front hardcover.

InStockTrades and Tales of Wonder will ship returned front hardcovers to Diamond Comic Distributors by April 11th and will begin shipping replacement books to customers after this date although we will ship sooner if possible.

Thank you for your business!
The IST and TOW team