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Lego Legends Of Chima GN Vol 01 High Risk

(W) Yannick Grotholt (A/CA) Comicon Chima - a world reigned by animal tribes, divided by the battle of the noble lions against the evil crocodiles. In High Risk!, Laval, prince of the Lions and his friend Eris, a warrior of the Eagle Tribe, engage in a training race on their Speedorz. As the two speed through the jungle, they stumble upon a Gorilla convoy transporting CHI that is being attacked by the Crocodiles. Will Laval and Eris save their Gorilla friends? Or will they become Crocodile Meat? Also featuring 3 more, all-new stories! Available in Hardcover and Softcover editions. Publisher: PAPERCUTZ
Writer: Grotholt, Yannick
Artist: Comicon,
Cover Artist: Comicon,
Page Count: 0
Product Code: MAR141283
ISBN: 1629910724