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Tactics GN Vol 04 (Of 8)

Product Synopsis: Kantarou and company are duped into exterminating youkai for a woman who turns out to be a key player in a big smuggling ring! Although they manage to escape, the main woman is still at large...and affiliated with Raikou, a fellow youkai exterminator-who is determined to kill the legendary Demon-Eating Tengu! Sell Sheet Keynote: The various and sundry adventures of Kantarou-a folklore scholar-and his pet tengu Key Selling Points: • The artist is the creator of popular series Detective Loki Ragnarok (ADV: ISBN 1413900550) • Influenced the popular anime from Manga Entertainment • The 25-episode anime was by Studio DEEN, producers of Gravitation, Detective Loki, Kyo Kara Maoh! and more; co-producers of the Fruits Basket anime • ADV previously released the first two volumes (Vol.1: 1413901786; Vol.2: 1413901794)-TOKYOPOP's edition features new and improved covers as well as new and improved translations • A unique, unisex title that will appeal to fans of Full Metal Alchemist-filled with supernatural elements and Japanese mythology...and lots of pretty boys! • Prev Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Kazuko Higashiyama
Artist: Sakura Kinoshita
Cover Artist: Sakura Kinoshita
Page Count: 192
Product Code: DEC073924
ISBN: 9781598169638
Colors: Black & White