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Blame Vol 9 GN (Of 10) (MR)

In the aftermath of an apocalyptic battle, Killy is on the brink of death. Cibo fusion with the Level 9 Safeguard unit has reduced her once-impressive intellect to that of a child. Can a now child-like Cibo find Killy while avoiding the merciless Silicon Creatures? Sell Sheet Keynote: The gritty post-apocalyptic adventure continues Key Selling Points: • Appeals to fans of Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Alita, and Full Metal Alchemist • Anime available from Media Blasters • Tsutomu Nihei is well known in the U.S. comic world, having created Wolverine: SNIKT! and contributed to the Halo Graphic Novel • '[S]tunningly drawn and impossible to put down.' -Play Magazine • Must Have Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Tsutomu Nihei
Artist: Tsutomu Nihei
Cover Artist: Tsutomu Nihei
Page Count: 192
Product Code: MAY073755
ISBN: 9781595328427
Colors: Black & White